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  • Tuesday, 24th May:
    Mediatel are now offering some new ranges. Please test below.
    DIEGO GARCIA - Apple Green
    0.3 EUR 30/45
    Test No. 246330284
    ASCENSION - Red 404
    0.22 EUR 30/45
    Test No. 24777022
    UKRAINE - Amaranth Deep
    0.12 EUR 30/45
    Test No. 380900305500
    New Rate Card, New Payment Options (Daily - 30/60 on ALL TERMINATIONS), New Website - New Mediatel!

    Thursday, 21st April:
    Mediatel are receiving good traffic from all of the below countries:
    USA, Indonesia, Iraq, Brazil, UK, Venezuela and India
    If you can send traffic from any of these countries contact a account manager now!

  • Wednesday, 30th March:
    Improved Access to ALBANIA - Apricot 35544027100 ASCENSION - Amazon 247537800 BAHRAIN - Amazon 97371110650 GAMBIA- Corn 2204079112 GAMBIA - Velvet 2206766877 MACEDONIA- Aasvogel Sky 38973431325 MACEDONIA - Black 38977420195
    Please Test Now!
    Friday, 18th March 2016 :
    Great access from Qatar Mobile and DU Mobile to Estonia ranges…
    Daily payments….Global access… More new ranges on daily basis than any other IPRN Provider.
    Contact your account manager now.

  • Tuesday, 16th February 2016 :
    CAN YOU GENERATE TRAFFIC FROM SAUDI STC! Excellent access and improved rates from this network…. Contact your account manager for details.

    Friday, 12th February 2016 :
    Brand New Range... MALAWI - Acid Green Test Number: 265998626543 Rate €0.11 7/3 Working Well Now... BOSNIA - Royal Corn Test Number: 38763603207 BOSNIA - Royal Folly Test Number: 387644096385 BOSNIA - Royal Grape Test Number: 38766606819 Rate €0.10 7/3

    Thursday, 4th February 2016 :
    Fantastic New Bosnia Range BOSNIA – Odd 387603079327 Please Test Now!

  • Friday, 22nd January 2016 :
    Good traffic being sent from Iraq right now. Please test the below ranges:
    SOMALIA - Vivid Orchid 25281002304 SOMALIA - Jade 25283601640 SOMALIA - Wisteria 25283609116 SOMALIA - Wine 25283612026 SOMALIA - Vivid Raspberry 25284002309 SOMALIA - Vivid Amber 25285000305 SOMALIA - Vivid Orange 25286000104 SOMALIA - Teal 25287000915 SOMALIA - Dodger Blue 25289000008

    Thursday 14th January 2016 :
    Improved access to our Caribbean ranges. Please contact a account manager or test the following:
    ANTIGUA - Red 12687622346 GRENADA - Jade 14734059450 GRENADA - Vital Violet 14734051588 GRENADA - Vivid Amber 14734052428 GRENADA - Vivid Auburn 14734053563 GRENADA - Vivid Burgundy 14734054243 GRENADA - Vivid Cerise 14734055669 GRENADA - Vivid Cerulean 14734056597 GRENADA - Vivid Crimson 14734057107 GRENADA - Vivid Gamboge 14734058526 GRENADA - Vivid Malachite 14734070897 ST. KITTS - Vanilla 18696623949 ST. LUCIA - Green 17582859416 BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS - White 12845427351 BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS - White 12845427351 DOMINICA - Amaranth 17674450801 ST. KITTS - Vanilla 18696623495 ST. KITTS - Vanilla Ice 18696624451 ST. LUCIA - Green 17582857810 ST. VINCENT - Blue 17844931449 TURKS AND CAICOS - Amazon 16492325211

    Monday 4th January 2016 :
    Great access has opened up from Italy & Poland. Stable access with good volumes. From Italy please test: 37253113969 From Poland please test: 37253129460

  • Tuesday 22nd December 2015:
    Very good access to Bosnia. Please Test: BOSNIA - Amazon 38760358265 BOSNIA - Vivid Amber 38761335244 BOSNIA - Violet 38761376996 BOSNIA - Blush 38761848794 BOSNIA - Teal 38762178704 BOSNIA - Blue 38762277730 BOSNIA - Almond White 38762432125 BOSNIA - Corn 38762531911 BOSNIA - Azure 38762656733 BOSNIA - Pink 38762705725 BOSNIA - Vivid Auburn 38763050486 BOSNIA - Vivid Burgundy 38763060917 BOSNIA - Vivid Cerise 38763070189 BOSNIA - Steel Blue 38763149539 BOSNIA - Soft Peach 38763150046 BOSNIA - Wisteria 38763175460 BOSNIA - Amaranth 38763515581 BOSNIA - Royal Corn 38763603207 BOSNIA - Wine 38765230411 BOSNIA - Royal Gold 38765850275 BOSNIA - White 38765889016 BOSNIA - Avocado 38765925946 BOSNIA - Buff 38765930107 BOSNIA - Bole 38766045958 BOSNIA - Wheat 38766149946 BOSNIA - Velvet 38766150115 BOSNIA 38766239761 BOSNIA - Sienna 38766327392 BOSNIA - Aasvogel Sky 38766439621 BOSNIA - Aardvark Grey 38766440030 BOSNIA - Android Green 38766441020 BOSNIA - Apricot Crush 38766442012 BOSNIA - Acid Green 38766573240 BOSNIA - Royal Grape 38766606819 BOSNIA - Tangerine 38766642210 BOSNIA - Vivid Crimson 38766654277 BOSNIA - Khaki 38766765862 BOSNIA - American Rose 38766878184 BOSNIA - Arsenic 38766880129 BOSNIA - Red 38770300625 BOSNIA - Rich Lilac 38770311938 BOSNIA - Black 387603098224 BOSNIA - Yellow 387603118885 BOSNIA - Orange 387603238587 BOSNIA - Apricot 387603484352 BOSNIA - Aqua 387603484763 BOSNIA - Royal Folly 387644096385 BOSNIA - Alizarin 387644373952

    Monday, 7th December 2015:
    Mediatel have increased the price for Bosnia and are paying weekly on select ranges. Contact your account manager now.

  • Monday , 9th November 2015:

    Monday , 2nd November 2015:
    Mediatel can now pay with MoneyGram... Contact your account manager today for more details

  • Friday, 23rd October 2015:
    Access from Saudi, UK, Brazil & USA today. Contact your account manager for more details...

    Monday, 19th October 2015:
    Global access increases to Caribbean ranges. Please test:
    BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS - Amber 12845415110 BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS - Pink 12845415094 CAYMAN ISLANDS - Beige 13459166340 CAYMAN ISLANDS - Bisque 13459256388 CAYMAN ISLANDS - Bistre 13459262864 DOMINICA - Amber 17672352926 DOMINICA - Apricot 17672259925 DOMINICA - Azure 17672759201 DOMINICA - Red 17672754050 DOMINICA - Samon 17672759161 DOMINICA - Violet 17672762724 DOMINICA - Violet 17672762724 DOMINICA - Violet 17672762724 GRENADA - Amaranth 14734050050 GRENADA - Amaranth 14734050064 GRENADA - Amaranth 14734050085 GRENADA - Amber 14734560494 GRENADA - Azure 14734561846 GRENADA - Beige 14734564167 GRENADA - Bisque 14734562357 GRENADA - Navy Blue 14734563306 GRENADA - Yellow 14734059321 MONTSERRAT - Yellow 16644120481 ST. LUCIA - Aqua 17582856483 ST. LUCIA - Blue 17583840017 ST. LUCIA - Blue 17583843773 ST. LUCIA - Red 17582860031 ST. LUCIA - Silver 17584611116 ST. LUCIA - White 17585840038 ST. LUCIA - Yellow 17584850600 ST. VINCENT - Azure 17844948140 ST. VINCENT - Red 17844948035 TURKS AND CAICOS - Green 16492324537 TURKS AND CAICOS - Silver 16492329823 TURKS AND CAICOS - Yellow 16492310067

    Monday, 12th October 2015:
    Great global access to new UK Mobile solutions - test number: 447452300001 weekly and monthly payout options. Access from Indonesia – contact your account manager now.

  • Wednesday, 30th September 2015:
    Good Access... Test Now: Tanzania - Aqua: 255411413480

    Wednesday, 26th August 2015:
    Very good access from Indonesia, Nigeria & Ghana to Estonia – Wisteria, Test now: 37254135174

    Monday, 13th July 2015:
    Improved access on Mediatel exclusives. Please test these exclusives now. LIBERIA - Amber 23190000030 LIBERIA - Army Green 23190300012 LIBERIA - Azure 23190400019 LIBERIA - Beige 23190500035 LIBERIA - Bisque 23190600001 LIBERIA - Black 23190700076 LIBERIA - Blush 23190800010 LIBERIA - Lilac 23190201602 TANZANIA – Orange 255901137999 See your account Manager today for details and give it a try, it could really transform your business.

  • Wednesday, 16th June 2015:
    It’s a time consuming process dialling literally thousands of test numbers trying to find one that connects that pays the rate you need, in fact many clients only test new numbers leaving huge opportunities going to waste with historical numbers that could well provide good access.
    That’s why Mediatel have developed ‘NAF’ the number access finder that does the testing for you and produces a report with the numbers that have access from your dialling tool. See your account Manager today for details and give it a try, it could really transform your business.

    Wednesday, 3rd June 2015:
    Mediatel have seen a big increase in traffic to Tanzania. We are currently getting traffic from many countries across the world to our Exclusive ranges Tanzania - Orange plus new ranges being added: Tanzania - Azure 255411400321, Tanzania- Wisteria 25541141874, Tanzania - Black 255411410020, Tanzania - Aqua 255411413480, Tanzania - Cyan 255411418240, Tanzania - Orange 255901137999, Tanzania - Velvet 255901130039, Also new to Mediatel this month... Ivory Coast - Wisteria 22568100349, East - Timor - Violet 22568100349, Care Verde - Violet 2389909815, Lithuania - Banana Green 37038929119, Lithuania - Arichoke 37045485120, Lithuania - BlueBonnet 37066727118, Lithuania - Armour 37045485120

  • Wednesday, 29th April 2015:
    With improved access now is the time to test our Caribbean ranges. Please test these: Antigua - Red Test Number: 126876223300 Ascension - Aqua Test Number: 247860000 Ascension - Asparagus Test Number: 247560080 British Virgin Islands - Blue Test Number: 12845415573 British Virgin Islands - White Test Number: 12845427520 Dominica - Green Test Number: 17672251476 Grenada - Jade Test Number: 14734059440 St. Kitts - Silver Test Number: 18696630645 St. Vincent - Blue Test Number: 17844931464 Turks and Caicos - Blue Test Number: 16492319750

  • Friday, 27th March 2015:
    : New ranges to Mediatel paid 7/7. Bulgaria - Wine Test Number: 35990069447 Ratecard: € 0.10 7/7 Marshall Islands - Amber Test Number: 6920000149 Ratecard: $0.09 7/7 Falkland Islands - Alizarin Test Number: 50000197 Ratecard: $0.17 7/7 Maldives - Arsenic Test Number: 9608000293 Ratecard: $0.19 7/7 Maldives - Artichoke Test Number: 9609155396 Ratecard: $0.19 7/7

    Monday, 02nd March 2015:
    Mediatel are increasing our price on ALL Cuba ranges. We now pay a minimum of $0.26 - 7/7 With almost worldwide access now is the time to test our Cuba ranges.

  • Monday, 23rd February 2015:
    We have seen a big increase in traffic to Cuba. For this reason we are now increasing all Cuba ranges! The highest paying ranges are now $0.27 (7/7) Please test: Cuba - Amazon - 5325394240 Cuba - Brown 5340323240

    Monday, 16th February 2015:
    New to Mediatel this week, Cuba - Dark Red (Meditel Exclusive) Test Number: 537260330, Cuba - Jasmine (Mediatel Exclusive) Test Number: 5345613244, East Timor - Purple (Mediatel Exclusive) Test Number: 6707815044, Gambia - Jasmine (Mediatel Exclusive) Test Number: 5345613244, Lativa - Samon Test Number: 37127268175, Poland - Dark Blue Test Number: 48729770479, Poland - Dark Cyan Test Number: 48729780479, Poland - Dark Green Test Number: 48729790470, Ascension - Dark Blue Test Number: 247845070, Ascension - Dark Blue Test Number: 247943070.

    Friday, 30th January 2015:
    Brand New Georgia Range - Access From UK & Germany - Contact an account manager now.

  • Thursday, 27th November 2014:
    Exclusive to Mediatel new ranges to Cuba : Cuba ivory and Cuba jasmine. For more information please contact your account manager.

    Friday, 7th November 2014:
    Exclusive to Mediatel for November Congo Republic - Aqua, Tunisia - Beige, Tunisia - Bistre, Tunisia - Black, Tunisia - Blue, Tunisia - Blush. For more information please contact your account manager.

    Wednesday, 17th September 2014:
    New Peru Ranges to Mediatel - contact your account manager now.

    Tuesday, 16th September 2014:
    Increased payouts on daily payments , get testing and run traffic today, you will get paid tomorrow ! Contact your account manager now to get the new rates...

    Wednesday, 3rd September 2014:
    Great Access from UAE and Saudi to our Cuba Ranges - contact your account manager today.

    Wednesday, 27th August 2014:
    International SMS – contact your account manager today for more details. Additional payment method with Skrill the fast online payment system

    Friday, 22nd August 2014:
    New UK Ranges: IRELAND AZURE, UK MOBILE CARMINE. New International ranges: SAUDIA ARABIA – Yellow, ANGUILLA – Aqua , ANGUILLA – Yellow, BARBADOS – Yellow, BARBADOS – Yellow, BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS – Bole, DOMINICA – Yellow, GRENADA – White, MOROCCO – Yellow, ST. LUCIA – Pink.

    Friday, 11th July 2014:
    The Boss on Holiday - so Mediatel go Crazy! All traffic ran with Mediatel on 17th July will be paid on 18th July based on rate card price..

    Tuesday, 3rd June 2014:
    Increased weekly payouts on our Sierra Leone and Guinea Gamma ranges for the month of June. New Terminations for this month, Niger - Beige Niger - Bisque Niger - Bistre Spain - Alizarin Spain - Asparagus and Spain - Brass.

  • Wednesday, 21th May 2014:
    Improved access on Ascension - Aqua, East Timor - Lilac, British Virgin Islands - Azure, Diego Garcia ,French Mobile - Black, Guinea Bissau - Black, Grenada - Yellow, Kiribati - Blue, Liechtenstein - Pink, Macedonia - Alizarin, Russia - Azure, San Marino - Carmine, Serbia - Beige. Contact our Sales team for details.

    Wednesday, 7th May 2014:
    Estonia - Khaki, Grenada - Yellow, Lithuania - Khaki, Macedonia - Azure, Niger - Alizarin, Niger - Amethyst, Niger - Apricot, Niger - Aqua, St Lucia - Aqua, Turk and Caicos - Azure, and Barbados - Aqua

    Tuesday, 1st April 2014:
    Kyrgyzstan - Azure great access from India , Improved Access on many Chile ranges, Chile - Lava Chile - Hot Magenta, Great Access from Spain on Spain - Amethyst get testing today. Improved Access on St Kitts and British Virgin Islands , along with all other Caribbean solutions.

    Friday, 28th February 2014:
    New Year, New Terminations even better access available on French Mobile - Ginger, Burundi - Amber, Taiwan Mobile , Latvia - Brass, Luxembourg - Lava, Congo - Amaranth, Dominica - Amber, Turks And Caicos - Silver, Austria Mobile -Light Purple, Madagascar - Amber

    Monday, 20th January 2014:
    New Year, New Terminations even better access available on French Mobile , Estonia - Candy Pink, St. Lucia - Red, Antigua - Blue, Sierra Leone - Lava, Grenada - Azure, Estonia - Gold, Latvia - Tangerine, Turks And Caicos - Silver, Lithuania - Navy Blue, Madagascar - Amber, Morocco - Green, Serbia - White.

    Monday, 6th January 2014:
    New Terminations and great access available on French Mobile , Burundi - Amber, Caribbean Solutions, Taiwan Mobile, Spain Mobile, Latvia - Brass, Luxembourg - Lava, Estonia - Gold Congo - Amaranth, Turks And Caicos - Silver, Austria Mobile - Jasmine, Madagascar - Amber .



  • Thursday, 19 December 2013:
    New Terminations and great access available on French Mobile , Caribbean Solutions, Taiwan Mobile , Luxembourg - Lava, Lithuania - Amethyst, Congo - Amaranth, Turks And Caicos - Silver, Austria Mobile - Jasmine, Madagascar - Amber.

    Thursday, 05 December 2013:
    Amazing Access available from India on French Mobile. New Terminations and even better access available on Caribbean Solutions, Taiwan Mobile, Luxembourg - Lava, Lithuania - Amethyst, Congo - Amaranth, Turks And Caicos - Silver, Austria Mobile - Jasmine, Madagascar - Amber.

  • Monday, 18 November 2013:
    New Terminations and Great Access available on Guinea Bissau - Olive 1 , St. Kitts - Silver, Ascension - Olive 10' Guinea Gamma- Lava, Dominica - Amber' Luxembourg - Lava' French Mobile - Red .

    Friday, 01 November 2013:
    New Terminations and Great Access available on: El Salvador - Grape, French Mobile - Black Liechtenstein - Pink, Luxembourg - Lava, Dominica - Samon , Taiwan Mobile - Blush, Guinea Gamma - Navy, Ascension - Olive 10.

  • Wednesday, 23 October 2013:
    New Terminations and Great Access available on: Samoa - Folly, French Mobile - Yellow, French Mobile - Ginger, Luxembourg - Lava, Dominica - Samon, Taiwan Mobile - Blush, British Virgin Islands , Ascension - Olive 10.

    Thursday , 3th October 2013:
    New Terminations and Great Access available on: Tanzania Blue South Sudan Linen East Timor , Falkland Islands Lime Gabon Lime Nicaragua Azure Russia Amber Great access from African countries and Middle East , Great global access to East Timor .

  • Wednesday , 4th September 2013:
    Great access on our UK solutions, St Vincent, Serbia, & Bosnia, Grenada & Acension. New Terminations and Great Access available on: Taiwan - Blush, Brass, Bristol, Buff, Beige, Bisque, Bistre, Azerbaijan - Alizarin, Azerbaijan - Apricot, Myanmar - Azure, Albania - Brass.

    Tuesday , 6th August 2013:
    New Terminations and Great Access available on:French Mobile - Black, Brown, Cyan, LIECHTENSTEIN - Alizarin, SOMALIA - Lime, GRENADA - Azure, Congo - Amaranth, Liechtenstein - Apricot, Albania - Aqua, LATVIA - Banana Green and many more!

    Wednesday , 17th July 2013:
    Great Access available on, TURKS AND CAICOS, FRENCH MOBILE - Grey, BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS - Amber, GRENADA - Amber, SERBIA - Black, GUINEA GAMMA - Bisque and many more! Also plenty of new terminations have just arrived!

    Tuesday, 4th June 2013:
    New Terminations and Great Access available on: Congo - Amaranth, Cyprus - Apricot, Chile - Asparagus, Chile - Amethyst, Chile - Khaki, Gambia - Amethyst, Tanzania - Black, Venezuela - Amber, Yemen - Amber, Albania - Aqua, Liechtenstein - Corn, Liechtenstein - Buff, Guinea Bissau - Black, Tanzania - Azure, Taiwan mobile - Bronze and many more

    24th May 2013:
    New Terminations and Great Worldwide Access on: Benin - Amber, Chile - Asparagus, Chile - Bisque, Chile - Bistre, Chile - Alizarin, Chile - Amaranth and many more!

  • 24th April 2013:
    New Terminations and Great Access available on: Latvia - Mortuum, Latvia - Linen, Latvia - Khaki, Emsat Oration - Aqua, Maldives - Amber, Congo - Amaranth, Liechtenstein - Apricot, Albania - Aqua, Tanzania - Azure and many more!

    4th April 2013:
    New Terminations and Great Access available on: Yemen - Amber , Venezuela - Amber, British Virgin Islands- Amber Tanzania - Black , Congo - Amaranth, Maldives - Amber, Anguilla Mobile - Black, Aruba Mobile - Black, Belarus Mobile - Azure , Benin Mobile - Black , Croatia Mobile - Black , Cuba Mobile - Black , Ghana Mobile - Black , Mauritania Mobile - Black, Syria Mobile - Black Maldives - Azure and Somalia - Bisque access from India!

    6th March 2013:
    Daily payments available immediately. Afghanistan, Guinea Gamma, Niue, Korea North, Diego Garcia, Somalia, Myanmar, Luxembourg Lava, Taiwan Mobile, Chile, Maldives Brass, Estonia - many ranges Moldova, Albania, Guinea Gamma Alizarin, Caribbean Terminations, Serbia, St Kitts, British Virgin Islands, Spain Blush, Latvia - many ranges, East Timor, Sao Tome and Sierra Leone.

    13th February 2013:
    New ranges for Grenada, Grenada Mobile, Nicaragua, Chile Premium, Venezuela. Don't forget to contact your account manager regarding any ranges that are of interest to you. If we don't already have it, we will try and find it

    30th January 2013:
    Our Exclusives solutions, Dominica Red, St Lucia, Turks and Caicos, St Vincent and Antigua once again giving fantastic global access. Our Myanmar ranges have also proved to be winners last week with access opening up in many regions. Faroe Island - Blue (Access from India Reliance) Myanmar - Blush / Brass / Silver (Access from India) Gambia - White (Access from Netherlands)

    11th January 2013:
    Mediatel have some exciting new ranges to kick start the year, brand new Barbados - White. We have very good access from India & the middle east to Tanzania - Blue. Also new this month we have The British Virgin Islands which has had access from across the globe!



  • 19th December 2012:
    Latest Terminations: Peru Peach, NEW Range!Maldives Mobile Brown. Myanmar - Samon access from Saudi Arabia Mobile (966506). GREAT ACCESS from 9665 (Saudi) - Somalia Aqua.

    10th December 2012:
    Latest Terminations: Suriname Blue, Guinea Gamma Ivory & Indigo, Somalia Ivory , Antigua Blue, Somalia Pink, Latvia British Green , Togo Blue, Myanmar Red & Samon . HUGE access from 9665 to Somalia Aqua.

    The client that runs the highest amount of minutes in December will receive a FREE Customised Stats Portal worth over $500!!!

    One of a Kind customised Stats Panel. Stand out from the crowd! Personalised theme, colour and unique name and URL Pull in more customers - make more $$$ Talk to your account manager for this latest opportunity..

    28th November 2012:
    Latest Terminations: Somalia Aqua, Dominica Red, South Africa Aqua , St Kitts Silver, Turks and Caicos Silver, Antigua Blue, Somalia Pink , Latvia British Green , Togo Blue ,

  • 6th November 2012:
    New Solutions: Croatia Blue, Liechtenstein Alizari and Amaranth, Kazakhstan Bistre, San Marino Green, Latvia Velvet and Passion Blue, UK Mobile Bronze, Poland White, Haiti White, Norfolk Island Black, North Korea Black and Orange, Gold and Red, Nauru Blue Wallis and Futuna Blue, Papua New Guinea Alizarin and Amaranth, Somalia Army Green Cook Islands Bronze, Violet, Velvet and Lime, Italy Mobile Alizarin, Austria Mobile Amaranth, Amethyst, Bondi Blue, Sea Green, Hot Magenta, Carrot Orange, Carrot Orange, Light Purple, Bistre, Orange, Apricot, Black, Bronze, Brown, Cappuccino, Carmine, Charcoal, Coral, Gold, Indigo, Ivory, Jasmine , Lime, Magenta, Maroon, Navy, Peach, Purple, Salmon, Samon, Tangerine and Violet.

    24/7 WORLD CLASS SALES SUPPORT Mediatel 2012
    24/7 WORLD CLASS SALES SUPPORT Mediatel understands that business does not stop when our offices close, so we proudly introduce our 24/7 World Class Sales Support Team. Please add SKYPE ID sales_support.mediatel today to make sure you receive full support if your account manager is not on line. The team are trained, professional and ready to help.

    24th October 2012:
    New ranges this week include, 23 Austrian ranges. With large volumes of traffic already hitting Mediatel from around the world this solution is fast becoming one of the hottest around. Also this week good access to French Mobile ranges. Another new range with great access is our new Anguilla Red....

  • 24th September 2012:
    This week we have seen a big rise in access to Dominica and Turks and Caicos ranges. UK Mobile ranges are again picking up some good volumes with access now from around the world. Also this week new ranges: SOMALIA, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, NORTH KOREA, RWANDA, GREENLAND, INMARSAT. We also have all of the following new and EXCLUSIVE this week Maldives White, Moldova Blue, Montserrat Yellow.

    18th September 2012:
    Good access from USA, Middle East and China on the following: Oman Peach, Pink, Purple - Papua New Guinea Yellow, Blue, Red, Orange, Black, Green - Asceision White, Black, Orange, Green, Pink, Brown, Yellow - Falkland Islands Brown, Yellow, Grey, Pink, Black, Orange - Cook Islands Black, Yellow, Orange, White, Pink, Green, Brown. Great access to UK mobile ranges ...

    10th September 2012:
    This week we have seen a big rise in access to Latvia and Estonia ranges. UK Mobile ranges are again picking up some good volumes with access now from around the world. Also this week new ranges: PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Yellow, Blue, Red, Orange, Black, Green. We also have all of the following new this week EXCLUSIVE Dominica Samon, Guinea Gamma Silver, Algeria Mobile Green, Mauritania Mobile Green.

  • 24th August 2012:
    With over 20 new ranges this month we have more options than ever. New ranges with great access, Latvia - Cappuccino, Baby Orange, Magenta, Navy & Maroon are very hot right now. Also new this month and delivering lots of traffic Guinea Gamma - Blue Violet, Cobait & Cerulean. Mediatel are offering all solutions now with multiple payment options

    3rd August 2012:
    This August we have many new terminations for Mediatel! New ranges for Azerbaijan Silver, Sao Tome Aqua & Baby Orange, Spain Magenta. Also new ranges for UK mobile Beige, Corn, Cream and Grey! All have great access right now. Great global access on new terminations St Vincent, Grenada and also great access to all St Lucia, Dominica, Turks and Caicos ranges. Haiti Amber and Aruba red, great access from The Americas

  • 27th July 2012:
    Mediatel are running their own Olympic competition for 2012. For the customer that runs the most minutes between Friday 27th July and 9th September 2012, you will be rewarded with a fantastic short break in the home of this year's Olympics - LONDON! GET TESTING & TRAINING.

    24th July 2012:
    2 more NEW EXCLUSIVE solutions, Grenada Amber, Azure, Bisque, Navy Blue, Beige. St Vincent Red. Amazing global access. Also New Spain Magenta, great access from France and Brazil

    18th July 2012:
    3 new solutions to Mediatel and new to the market, Ivory Coast Red, Seychelles Beige and Aruba Red. Huge volumes of traffic to our Dominica, Turks & Caicos and St Lucia ranges along with great access to Sierra Leone, Guinea Gamma, Luxembourg, Aruba and UK mobile.

    6th July 2012:
    New Exclusive Guinea Gama Azure plus our 8 new Latvia ranges. We have fantastic access from China and great access to our UK ranges.

  • 26th June 2012:
    New termination, Peru! Get in touch for more info, rates and test numbers. Good access to UK and Liberia..

    24th August 2012:
    19th June 2012: Moldova Blue exclusive to Mediatel with excellent access, New Elipso Bique range with high payout of 52cents Euro. Many UK mobile ranges with excellent payout and good access,

    24th August 2012:
    8th June 2012: New exclusive Liberia! new ranges for ARGENTINA, IRELAND, LITHUANIA, CHILE, SAO TOME, SPAIN, GAMBIA all with great access.

    24th August 2012:
    6th June 2012: Access globally to our exclusive following solutions: St lucia, Turks and Caicos and Dominica Good access recently to Liberia and increased access to UK mobile.

Friday, 25th May  Latest News : Caribbean Ranges increased to 0.05 USD WEEKLY - crazy time at Mediatel. see your account manager for applicable ranges.