International Premium
Rate Numbers

Mediatel is a primary voice supplier of international and domestic premium rate numbers for customers around the world. We offer international premium rate numbers from over 50 destinations, covering 200 countries globally.

For example If you provide TV Shows Mediatel can provide a ready made Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution to suit your business needs. Or we can customise your IVR according to your business’s strategy.

At Mediatel customers are vital, so we provide user friendly tools We provide a unique Statistics Platform for all of our business solutions. Every customer can take advantage of creating subaccounts for their clients

Our Rates are very completive in this industry. We take this opportunity to build solid relationship by paying our customers on time. Our payment cycles are typically from daily / 7/3 to 30/45 dependant on our clients needs and the terminations.

Receive payments: we can pay by Western Union / Monegram

Whatever your needs our dedicated Sales Managers can help you increase your profits rapidly..

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New Ranges Added Daily

Mediatel now has guaranteed 100% weekly payments - Many ranges no Limits - test now!

Access from Saudi STC to Seychelles ranges -test now! Weekly payments:

  • SEYCHELLES - Burgundy 181 - 2483014357
  • SEYCHELLES - French Wine - 2488144569
  • SEYCHELLES - Jaguar Grey - 2482914124
  • SEYCHELLES - Napier Pink - 2485145412
  • SEYCHELLES - Salmon - 2483147896
  • SEYCHELLES - Snow White - 2483148000


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Complete the online get rates form. Get your logins, and within minutes, you will be ready to start making money.




Start sending traffic to your assigned premium rate solutions and watch you calls LIVE, in your own customer portal 24/7.




We will send your payment by wire transfer to your nominated bank account.


New payments method for Mediatel! We can pay with Bitcoin Gcash New! Mediatel can now pay with Gcash Gcash in Philippines Only

Mediatel is interconnected with over 100 Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers. This provides for the highest payments available which we pass to our customers for international, Domestic PRS, Shared Cost and Geographic PSTN numbers.

Our 24/7 account managers and finance team will provide you with all the necessary support to ensure your promotional campaign has the best chance of success.

For further information about premium mobile numbers please Contact one of our account managers.

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INTL Sales:
  • Contact Salma Kanafani  @ Mediatel
  • Contact Angelito @ Mediatel
  • Contact Jessan Galeria @ Mediatel
  • Contact Sem Jover   @ Mediatel
  • Contact Ian @ Mediatel
  • Contact Ann @ Mediatel
  • Contact Arvey  Pool @ Mediatel
  • Contact Wissam @ Mediatel
  • Contact Manaf @ Mediatel
  • Contact Mike Charlesworth MD
  • Contact sales support @ Mediatel
UK Sales:
  • Contact Dani Ganick UK Business Development Manager
  • Contact Esmriti Rai UK Sales Support

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Mediatel is the market leader in the supply of international premium rate numbers. We offer premium rate numbers from over 50 destinations covering 200 countries globally.

  Destinations Prefix Rate
ALBANIA 355 Get rate list
AUSTRIA 43 Get rate list
AZERBAIJAN 994 Get rate list
BELARUS 375 Get rate list
BOSNIA 387 Get rate list
BULGARIA 359 Get rate list
BURUNDI 257 Get rate list
CAMEROON 237 Get rate list
CAR 236 Get rate list
CHILE 56 Get rate list
COMOROS 269 Get rate list
CONGO 242 Get rate list
CROATIA 385 Get rate list
DOMINICA 176 Get rate list
EAST TIMOR 670 Get rate list
EMSAT ORATION 882 Get rate list
ESTONIA 372 Get rate list
FRENCH 33 Get rate list
GERMANY 49 Get rate list
GREENLAND 229 Get rate list
GRENADA 147 Get rate list
GUINEA BISSAU 245 Get rate list
GUINEA GAMMA 224 Get rate list
HAITI 509 Get rate list
HONDURAS 504 Get rate list
JAMAICA 187 Get rate list
KAZAKHSTAN 7 Get rate list
KIRIBATI 686 Get rate list
LATVIA 371 Get rate list
LIECHTENSTEIN 423 Get rate list
LITHUANIA 370 Get rate list
LUXEMBOURG 352 Get rate list
MACEDONIA 850 Get rate list
MADAGASCAR 261 Get rate list
MALDIVES 960 Get rate list
MOLDOVA 373 Get rate list
MONACO 377 Get rate list
MOROCCO 212 Get rate list
MYANMAR 95 Get rate list
NICARAGUA 505 Get rate list
NIGER 227 Get rate list
NORFOLK ISLAND 672 Get rate list
PALAU 680 Get rate list
PERU 51 Get rate list
POLAND 48 Get rate list
PORTUGAL 351 Get rate list
ROMANIA 40 Get rate list
SAINT PIERRE 508 Get rate list
SAN MARINO 378 Get rate list
SAO TOME 239 Get rate list
SATELLITE 881 Get rate list
SENEGAL 221 Get rate list
SEYCHELLES 248 Get rate list
SIERRA LEONE 232 Get rate list
SOLOMON 677 Get rate list
SOUTH AFRICA 27 Get rate list
SPAIN 34 Get rate list
SWITZERLAND 41 Get rate list
TAIWAN 886 Get rate list
TANZANIA 255 Get rate list
TOGO 228 Get rate list
TURKEY 90 Get rate list
TURKS AND CAICOS 164 Get rate list
TUVALU 688 Get rate list
UK 44 Get rate list
UKRAINE 380 Get rate list
VENEZUELA 58 Get rate list
WALLIS AND FUTUNA 681 Get rate list
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INTL Sales:
  • Contact Manaf @ Mediatel
  • Contact Ian @ Mediatel
  • Contact Angelito @ Mediatel
  • Contact Arvey  Pool @ Mediatel
  • Contact Ann @ Mediatel
  • Contact Jessan Galeria @ Mediatel
  • Contact Wissam @ Mediatel
  • Contact Sem Jover   @ Mediatel
  • Contact Salma Kanafani  @ Mediatel
  • Contact Mike Charlesworth MD
  • Contact sales support @ Mediatel
UK Sales:
  • Contact Dani Ganick UK Business Development Manager
  • Contact Esmriti Rai UK Sales Support

New Mediatel Android Access APP

How to download


> Go to your mobile setting, click security then switch on allow unknown source.

>Go to

>Click Download the latest Mediatel Access App.

>Download and install

Go to settings


> Go to settings- type in your Mobile number and email address then click save.

You only have to go to setting first time you using the App, to fill in your mobile number and your email then save it...

Go to customize


You can always skip customising and leave it as default (last week , All countries ) and go to New Test

> Go to customize– Filter by country and period which is the last day, last week and last month or all.

>> Last day test numbers created.

>> Last week created

>> Last month or ALL test numbers

Click New test


> Click New test (you will be able to see the chosen country from the customize page)

> Click the play icon (test) bottom left You will be able to see that it’s manually dialling and will be prompted with:

>> Will not work.

>> It will work.

> Press II to stop dialling.

> Press Report button to receive an email of all the test numbers will work...





Online Statistics Real time & Live Statistics Historical Statistics




Your statistics delivered to you live anywhere in the world.

Minute By



Track your performance by minute.

Real Time Stats

Mediatel provides a real time stats portal and daily reports in both standard and white-labelled versions. This ensures that you and your clients can track your performance minute by minute.



You will usually be ready to start generating revenue within 30 minutes of set-up.

They can either terminate on our IVR to an existing service, a sound file you provide, or our IVR technicians can design a bespoke service for you. We can also VOIP them without charge to your IVR. Alternatively, we can route calls to PSTNs; this service carries a nominal routing fee.

To name but a few, international premium rate solutions are used to run services such as informational, educational and conferencing services. They provide the owner with a financial reimbursement for every minute of traffic that is received to these numbers.

Different countries have different levels of access to solutions. We aim to address every need so we are continually offering new terminations and striking deals with international transit carriers to improve access to our solutions.

Different countries have different payment cycles and rates. Please see our rate card for further information.

We transfer money through bank wire (BACS), Western Union, Transferwise & Money Gram . This typically takes 2 working days to any bank in the world.

Yes. We provide every client with an individual online portal showing all numbers allocated to them, historical statistics, real time and live statistics showing every call that we can see. Please click here for client login.

We deal with clients who really make things happen, and everything is negotiable subject to volume. One rule, however, applies to all: every client starts on a rate card rate, and it is up to you to prove your volume. After this we are open to negotiations.

Yes, of course. We are a registered business in the UK. Please login to Webcheck Companies House. We are registered as "Sound Advertising Ltd", company number: 03218628

If we identify the usage of hacked PBXs, fraudulent SIM cards, and so forth, we will immediately withhold payments due and inform the relevant authorities. Unlike other businesses, if we receive any information regarding any indication of payment issues, we will forward all correspondence directly to you the client. The only occasion we will not pay is if we have not been paid.

Of course. Many of our clients initially use us and other companies, but we find that within a few weeks trust is established and clients then prefer dealing with us.

We certainly do not. We appreciate that your business runs 24/7 so we aim to be as available to you as possible via IM, email or phone.

We can pay in GBP, USD, EUR and CNY.

We welcome any client, new or existing, to come and visit us and see us in action.

References for our services, payouts, management, and so forth are available on request.