Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How long does it take to set up an account?

You will usually be ready to start generating revenue within 30 minutes of set-up.

How are the calls delivered?

They can either terminate on our IVR to an existing service, a sound file you provide, or our IVR technicians can design a bespoke service for you. We can also VOIP them without charge to your IVR. Alternatively, we can route calls to PSTNs; this service carries a nominal routing fee.

What are international premium rate solutions?

To name but a few, international premium rate solutions are used to run services such as informational, educational and conferencing services. They provide the owner with a financial reimbursement for every minute of traffic that is received to these numbers.

Why are so many countries offered?

Different countries have different levels of access to solutions. We aim to address every need so we are continually offering new terminations and striking deals with international transit carriers to improve access to our solutions.

How often do our solutions pay?

Different countries have different payment cycles and rates. Please see our rate card for further information.

How do we pay?

We transfer money through bank wire (BACS), Western Union, Transferwise & Money Gram . This typically takes 2 working days to any bank in the world.

Do you have online access?

Yes. We provide every client with an individual online portal showing all numbers allocated to them, historical statistics, real time and live statistics showing every call that we can see. Please click here for client login.

Are rates negotiable?

We deal with clients who really make things happen, and everything is negotiable subject to volume. One rule, however, applies to all: every client starts on a rate card rate, and it is up to you to prove your volume. After this we are open to negotiations.

Can we check the validity of your business?

Yes, of course. We are a registered business in the UK. Please login to Webcheck Companies House. We are registered as "Sound Advertising Ltd", company number: 03218628

When do you not pay for traffic?

If we identify the usage of hacked PBXs, fraudulent SIM cards, and so forth, we will immediately withhold payments due and inform the relevant authorities. Unlike other businesses, if we receive any information regarding any indication of payment issues, we will forward all correspondence directly to you the client. The only occasion we will not pay is if we have not been paid.

I already use another company – can I use you as well?

Of course. Many of our clients initially use us and other companies, but we find that within a few weeks trust is established and clients then prefer dealing with us.

Do you operate solely in office hours?

We certainly do not. We appreciate that your business runs 24/7 so we aim to be as available to you as possible via IM, email or phone.

What currency do pay in?

We can pay in GBP, USD, EUR and CNY.

Can I come and visit you?

We welcome any client, new or existing, to come and visit us and see us in action.

Can references be provided?

References for our services, payouts, management, and so forth are available on request.