Wholesale Trading

Mediatel was established in 1992 with a focus on providing carrier-to-carrier wholesale solutions via its premium cli services. With over 450 interconnects with mobile operators, PTT’s, and Tier 1 Carriers, the company is well positioned to provide the best available high quality solutions to its clients. Understanding our customers’ ongoing challenges in the industry, prompted us to employ state-of-the-art technology, thereby placing us at the forefront of premium service providers.

Mediatel’s management team collectively has in excess on 60 years experience in wholesale telecommunications. Our focus of staying up to date on the constant evolution of the business and the challenges it creates, has enabled us to remain extremely flexible and make us an ideal partner for those looking for a premium supplier with competitive pricing.

We believe becoming a partner with Mediatel will allow you to succeed through our knowledge and diverse routing options, giving you and your customers the very best experiences without compromising quality. Please contact our wholesale team in London 0207 308 5555 to find out more.

Global VoIP Switching Technology and Offices

Mediatel currently has offices in London, Hong Kong, Philippines and India. Through our experience and knowledge, we provide unrivalled quality. This was achieved by deploying the latest technology in VoIP switches that offer the ability to handle large volumes of wholesale traffic while managing codecs, and fine tuning to meet the customer’s needs. This allows customers to focus on other areas of their business knowing that Mediatel will manage their revenue streams and service expectations leading to greater volumes and profit margins..

We look forward to hearing from you soon and hopefully you will interconnect with our company to enjoy all of the above benefits and more. Please contact the wholesale team at 0207 308 5555.

The Future

Innovation, quality, and pricing all result in Margin so join the best in the business