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  • 19th OctoberMr Said - Egypt
  • 18th OctoberMr Ruel - USA
  • 17th October Mr Gobi - Indonesia
  • 16th October Mr J Fernandez - Mexico
  • 15th October Mr Y Shaar - Gaza
  • 14th October Miss P - Brazil
  • 13th October Mr O - Indonesia
  • 12th October Mr ** - USA
  • 11th October Mr Gill - Germany
  • 10th October Anon from - Philipines
  • 9th October Mr O - Indonesia
  • 8th of October Mr A Sharr – Gaza
  • 7th of October Miss Gomez from Philipines
  • 6rd of October anonymous from Vietnam
  • 5th of October Anonymous from Gaza
  • 4th of October Miss A Vlad from Ukraine
  • 3rd of October B Jones (USA)
  • 2nd of October Mr A from Pakistan
  • 1st of October Mr KS from Gaza
  • 30th of September T Company from france
  • 29th of September George from Brazil
  • 28th of September Mr MS from Florida, USA.
  • 27th of September Mohammed A from Malaysia
  • 26th of September Mr F From Brazil
  • 25th of September Mahmoud from US
Friday, 25th May  Latest News : Caribbean Ranges increased to 0.05 USD WEEKLY - crazy time at Mediatel. see your account manager for applicable ranges.