Mediatel-Red Cross Lebanon
Mediatel are proud to announce their support to the Lebanon Red Cross of 1 cent per minute on every minute your run (ranges 0.05 USD above) during the month of August – Help Mediatel Help Beirut following the devastating Explosion on 4th August.

We work with MNOs to help them
maximise their traffic potential
& create incremental value from it by providing innovative micropayment mechanisms for content providers.

We are an international firm that creates the environment and conditions for telcos seeking new revenue streams to thrive - helping our clients by making connections that nurture growth.

Mediatel is effectively a traffic A-Team. Drop us in to a situation and we’ll rapidly assess the potential, direct the solution and then make it happen.

Our approach is guided by three principles. We believe in the effectiveness of collaboration, we harness the power of creativity and we think long term.

At Mediatel we do what we say. We get on with it, we deliver and we exceed expectations.


Mediatel is one of the world’s most
progressive telecoms consultancies

Mediatel is one of the world’s most progressive telecoms consultancies. We utilise existing infrastructure to create incremental revenue for voice, SMS and DataRoaming without introducing additional cost. However we are also so much more.

Mediatel aims to place our clients seeking billing solutions ahead of the revenue curve. We use inventive and disruptive technology/thinking to create revenue opportunities that others don’t spot. We find ways to generate large amounts of traffic without resulting collateral issues. Our raison d’etre is building new revenue streams safely and unobtrusively.

We work on a global basis whilst maintaining a laser-like approach to the fine detail that will make the difference for our partners ‘on the ground’. Our international reach and grasp of the market is invaluable for partners with global strategies and aspirations but geo-centric, local delivery commitments.

In essence Mediatel is here to make our partner’s business lives easier and more fruitful. We talk the same language and we do what we say. We get you to what you need with the minimum of fuss. We do the leg work so that you don’t have to.


Longstanding GSMA members

Mediatel is a global business with an infinite and unrivalled reach. We have been at the forefront of telecoms planning for almost 30 years.

A talented international team based across multi-continents - operating from offices in UK, Hong Kong, India, Spain and Ukraine . We have our fingers on the pulse of the industry and we are adept at spotting the opportunities for our clients that others don’t always see.

As longstanding members of the GSMA industry body we partner with the World’s leading telecoms businesses building long term trusted relationships. We have a proven reputation that is based on openess, collaboration & smart thinking. Underpinning this is a rigorous commitment to quality control - we’re both cautious and prudent about what we do.


Our programmes are tailored to the
unique challenges of each of our clients

All of our programmes are tailored to the unique and individual challenges of each of our clients. We work with each to help maximise both their reach and depth within their geographical profiles. Smaller and medium players’ programmes are handled with same rigour and finesse as large ones - our approach is certainly not one size fits all.

The devil is in the detail. Our view is that it’s about the little things that all add up - lots of smaller elements all coming together to make a large positive chunk of contribution towards increasing revenues.

In fact we see what we do as a virtuous circle - what comes around goes around. Everything that we do always has this in mind. We work in a collaborative way with our clients - advising, explaining and then helping to empower them to plan and implement their strategies.


Our approach is guided
by 3 key principles

Our approach is guided by three principles. We believe in the effectiveness of collaboration, we harness the power of creativity and we think long term.

Long term thinking is what it’s all about - because short term-ism is never the best approach. We’ll partner with you to devise a strategy to achieve your longer term goals and then develop a plan to bring them into reality. And you’ll find that we’re open and we’ll tell you like it is, but we’ll also show you a route to your revenue objectives and walk alongside you every step of the way.

Our third guiding principle is that we believe in harnessing the collective power of our whole international team based around globe in order to help the individual client on a local basis.


At Mediatel there are always
exciting things happening

Telecoms is a progressive and exciting industry yet with Mediatel that moves a step further. Our aim is to place our clients ahead of the revenue curve.

Yes, we are fundamentally a telecoms business but we are also so much more. We are here to make our clients lives easier - drop us in and we‘ll assess the situation, find the value and then devise a plan for making it happen. We’ll then rigorously develop and refine it in order to achieve our client’s on-going goals.

Even when viewed against the already fast moving telecoms landscape, at Mediatel there are always exciting things afoot. If you have ambitious revenue goals we are the partner to be with.