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At the forefront of
International PRN trading for more than 32 yrs

Mediatel is a global business with an infinite and unrivalled reach. We have been at the forefront of International Premium Numbers trading for nearly three decades.

This longevity is a testament to our ability to both innovate and maintain strong ethical business relationships. As longstanding members of the telecoms industry we partner with our customers in order to build longterm trusted relationships. Our proven reputation is based on openess, collaboration & smart thinking.

The global telemedia industry is constantly evolving. To maximise opportunities in Voice, Data or SMS you need the very best advice and guidance and Mediatel has the experience, commitment and dedication.

If you have ambitious revenue goals we are the partner to be with.


Mediatel the global market leader
for domestic PRS voice number,
premium SMS or international PRN

Many markets use premium rate numbers as a convenient micropayment system that all potential customers can access from the convenience of their mobile or landline telephone. Mediatel is the global market leader, be it for a domestic PRS voice number, premium SMS or an international premium rate number.

Headquartered in the UK with offices in Hong Kong, Delhi and Spain is at the forefront of this innovative business. We provide our clients with proven technical and global market experience as well as outstanding 24/7 customer support. Our experience and global audiotext resources enable us to advise clients and facilitate new premium rate products. By providing a range of over 50 international premium termination rates, covering access from over 200 countries, we are perfectly positioned to maximise your resources and assist in building your business worldwide.

Our engineers can build premium rate and general audiotext applications quickly and efficiently, or route calls to our clients' premium rate platforms within minutes. Our online statistics provide the flexibility to follow and control your campaigns in real time.

At Mediatel there are always exciting things happening. Contact one of our account managers today and find out how we can help you.

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