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Non Geographic Solutions

Using Non Geographic Numbers is a great way to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and to provide Business Continuity as re-routing of incoming calls can be made quickly ease. Non-Geographic Numbers are not linked to a specific geographic area or dial code and are therefore attractive for marketing purposes as they will attract calls locally and nationally without geographic bias and give companies a nationwide presence.

They are also a great way to generate revenue share payments, as these numbers enable you to generate income from inbound calls. They are ideal for customer support desks, technical advice lines, ticket agencies, hotel reservation desks and charities.

Premium Rate

Premium-rate telephone numbers are a great tool to use for businesses providing a specific high-value service over the phone, where they require callers to be charged at a higher rate than that of normal numbers.

Because part of the call charge is paid to the service provider (you!), your business can be funded via the calls. A great example would be a technical support line that offers high value services that couldn't be billed any other way. In many cases, they are to cover their costs on a case by case basis rather than charging customers continually for a service they may never use.

These Premium rate numbers are not just solely used for companies wishing to generate revenue. They are also used by charities for fundraising, providing a quick and simple method for donating money.

Premium SMS

Five-digit SMS Short Codes have proven to be a huge marketing success over the past few years thanks to their memorability and convenience.

This is a simple way for consumers to pay for services and products via their mobile handsets. There is no need for time consuming registration or potentially unsafe credit card details being given; consumers are simply charged for sending and receiving a premium text message.

Mediatel’s detailed online reporting system allows all of our customers to track and analyse consumer usage and buying habits. Used in conjunction with Premium Rate Voice services it is an easy and effective method of revenue generation.

Long Number SMS

Terminations in the UK, Italy and China are just some of the countries we offer.

Long Numbers allow a wide range of industries to generate large amounts of mobile-originated SMS from the subscribers, such as Wireless Application Service Providers, MVNOs, MVNEs, SMS aggregators e-sellers, advertising agencies, media channels and mobile infrastructure providers. This fantastic solution enables you to facilitate many applications such as Micro Billing, Competition lines, Product feedback campaigns, Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) & Asset tagging solutions. The options are endless. Please feel free to look at coverage and contact us if you have any further questions.

070 Follow Me Numbers

Revolutionary new technology allows you to be contactable on a single 070 number as calls will "follow you" whether you go by routing to your landline then mobile (or vice versa) and so ensuring that you NEVER miss a call again. With FREE routing to any mobile or landline and most International destinations the 070 number is the number of choice for those always on the move or those looking to conceal their actual phone numbers.

078 / 079 Mobile Numbers

A fresh prefix that allows you to adopt your own range of mobile numbers for your organisation. You can specifically pick numbers and have them routed to any destination that you desire including your current mobile, landline or office line. This is an ideal solution for those who want to project a "mobile image". With fantastic revenue generating opportunity of earning 4.0p per minute on ALL calls you receive, it no doubt beats your current mobile package!

The revenue is conditional to the 078/079 lines being used within Ofcom and PPP guidelines and the out payment does not include the fee for routing to another mobile (currently 8p per minute). They are ideal for being routed to a 01/02 landline or routed to an IVR service.

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These are services which are available in a particular country for that particular country. For example, a voting line for the Eurovision Song Contest in Belgium is only available for the residents of Belgium.

It all depends on the country you run your services from. Some countries have stricter regulations than others. For more detailed information please contact us.

We strive to get you going as quickly as possible, but unfortunately it's not just down to us. We can get you a UK number as quickly as a couple of hours; however, it can take longer for countries such as France and Italy where you might wait up to 5 working days.

Again, this depends on the country. You can find our UK rate sheet PDF on the Domestic Premium Numbers main page. For all other enquiries, please get in touch with us. You can send a request form or phone us by viewing our numbers on the contact us tab.

We must first establish how much traffic you can generate. At first we will offer you our standard rates. We can negotiate rates at a later stage once there is a history of relationships.

We transfer money through bank wire transfer . This typically takes 2 working days to any bank in the world.

We can pay in GBP, USD and EUR.

We pay as soon as we receive money from the particular carrier. Carriers have different payment terms and vary one from the other. For example, in the UK we pay 35 days end of month.

You will be provided with your own account to check on your stats online. Using the account you can allocate your numbers to sub-accounts and manage all of them under your main one.

Definitely. We are based in London; please click on the Contact Us tab to view our address details

We are always there for you! Once you have your account manager, you can get hold of him or her 24/7; be it Skype, email or mobile.