International Premium Rate Numbers

  • Mediatel is a primary voice supplier of international and domestic premium rate numbers for customers around the world. We offer international premium rate numbers from over 50 destinations, covering 200 countries globally.
  • For example If you provide TV Shows Mediatel can provide a ready made Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution to suit your business needs. Or we can customise your IVR according to your business’s strategy.
  • At Mediatel customers are vital, so we provide user friendly tools We provide a unique Statistics Platform for all of our business solutions. Every customer can take advantage of creating subaccounts for their clients
  • Our Rates are very completive in this industry. We take this opportunity to build solid relationship by paying our customers on time. Our payment cycles are typically from daily / 7/3 to 30/45 dependant on our clients needs and the terminations.
  • Receive payments: we can pay by Western Union / Monegram
  • Whatever your needs our dedicated Sales Managers can help you increase your profits rapidly..